Is Muscle Hypertrophy Permanent or Temporary? Find out here 👇

Is Muscle Hypertrophy Permanent or Temporary? Find out here 👇

There are 2 types of muscle hypertrophy. 


The first type is transient hypertrophy. This muscle hypertrophy takes place during training, as a result of fluid accumulation in the muscle spaces. The transient muscle hypertrophy lasts only for a short period, few hours after training, after which the fluid returns back to the blood. Therefore, you notice an increase in muscle volume during training session, and of course you feel yourself a hulk during this period. 

Transient Muscle Hypertrophy

But soon, the muscle returns back to its normal size shortly after the end of the training session.



The second type is chronic hypertrophy. This muscle hypertrophy occurs when  training for a long period of time with adequate nutrition and rest for the body. It  occurs either due to an increase in the number of muscle fibers (fiber hyperplasia) or an increase in the size of the muscle fibers (fiber hypertrophy).



Note: The topic of increasing the number or size of muscle fibers is a subject of discussion in the scientific community! ..Therefore, the debate continues about theories that try to explain the reason behind this phenomenon.

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