Reveil One Of The Big "Secrets" Of Success In The Gym.

Reveil One Of The Big "Secrets" Of Success In The Gym.

Letting Go

Looking through the past years of my training career, there's a noticeable theme: my progress always accelerated when I let someone else take control.

When I first met My Ballroom Dance Personal Trainer, Sergei, I thought he was a fraud – but when I did everything he said, I became one of the strongest contestants in dance competitions.

I thought I lift normally – until Coach and Bodybuilder, Valeria, took control.

When I was on my own and in full control of my destiny, I nearly destroyed myself. I really was my own worst enemy. You will always be your worst client. You might help thousands of people, but don't trust yourself to be your own coach. You'll either get injured or won't live up to your potential. So swallow your pride. You will be better if you let someone help you be better.

Letting Go Of Control

Are You All In?

You're reading Amal Hantash Fitness (AHF) so you're already light years ahead of the curve. Now ask yourself: Am I just reading the articles and cherry-picking the odd tidbit of advice that validates what I currently do, or am I truly all in?

Do you do every published program as written, or do you follow your bullshit modified Frankenstein version? Do you take the workout nutrition protocols as directed or do you try to out-think Tim Patterson when it comes to supplements?

Do you adjust the volume because you think you know more about getting strong than Jim Wendler, or use your own favorite exercises for getting big because you're more up to speed on the subject than Thibaudeau or Meadows?

If you do, your ego is what's holding you back. It's screwing you over. These guys know more about this stuff than you. It doesn't make you a bad person; it's just the facts. Swallow your pride and let somebody better call the shots. Go all in.

If you suddenly needed a doctor to remove your appendix, would you ask for the guy who reads a lot online and loves to "experiment?" Or the licensed surgeon who's done it a thousand times? Listen to the real experts. Let go of control. And grow.

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