Discover How To Train, eat and take the right supplements to keep testosterone levels high.

Discover How To Train, eat and take the right supplements to keep testosterone levels high.

For guys, testosterone’s functions can’t be overlooked if the goal is to keep your sex and gym lives healthy. The hormone plays a key role in both building lean muscle mass and maintaining a healthy reproductive system. Take a look at this compilation of proven test-boosting ingredients to see how they can help you keep your test levels in top shape.


Studies show that fenugreek extract boosts testosterone levels through its high saponin content. Saponins are chemical compounds that boost bioavailable testosterone, reduce body fat, and increase muscle mass. Texas A&M’s Exercise and Nutrition Lab observed that fenugreek paired with exercise had a significant impact on strength and muscle increases.


Tribulus boosts testosterone through two methods. First, its high saponin contents allow it to create a natural testosterone boost. Secondly, tribulus increases luteinizing hormone, which is crucial for optimizing testosterone. A trial performed on pro athletes saw significant strength and lean muscle mass gains in those supplementing with tribulus compared with a placebo.


C. benthamiana is an African tropical plant extract well known for its ability to increase testosterone and sex drive. It works by elevating both libido and nitric oxide production in the body, an effective combination when looking to increase test levels.


The amino acid functions by inducing luteinizing hormone secretion in the brain. This function is key in stimulating both testosterone synthesis and protein synthesis, meaning you’re not only increasing testosterone but also keeping your body in an anabolic state.


Zinc’s importance to your body goes far beyond testosterone boosting. This essential mineral is also crucial for proper growth, healthy eyesight, and maintenance of an overall healthy body.

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