Here Is How To Suppress Your Appetite 🍟🍡🍪

Here Is How To Suppress Your Appetite 🍟🍡🍪

What do you do when those hunger pangs kick in? Stay far away from the kitchen or break room and hope it passes before you yield to temptation? Give in to your cravings and feel guilty afterward?

Neither option sounds like a lot of fun!

Thankfully, there are ways you can suppress your appetite. For example:
• Have a protein-rich snack.
• Eat avocados, coconut oil, or a handful of nuts.
• Load up on fiber-heavy veggies at every meal.
• Sniff a green apple (it totally works!)
• Drink two glasses of water.
• Distract yourself with a game, book, or movie
All of these things can quash those food cravings and keep you "on the straight and narrow" of your diet.

But do you know what the most effective appetite suppressant is? Green Tea, of course 😊.

Green Tea is made with plant extracts that will help to curb your appetite the natural way. A glass of green tea will stop you from feeling hungry for hours at a time, but without cheating on your diet or snacking on excess calories. You can kick those sugar cravings by using the tea to purge toxins and sugars from your body.

You'll satiate your taste buds' desire for something sweet and tasty—sans sugar!


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